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Learn more about how we've helped our small business clients with their marketing goals

From E-commerce to local services, we are happy to work with our clients to achieve their digital marketing goals.

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Read our digital marketing case studies below to find out how we helped three of our clients make waves with their digital marketing.
Case Study One

Local Gift Basket Company

The company wanted to increase sales during the holiday season by improving the website’s SEO, increasing their reach on social media and driving repeat business through email marketing.


We increased their spend in months leading up to the holidays by creating targeted ads on social media and Google. We then re-targeted potential customers with email campaigns and ads.
This led to an increase in traffic and a conversion rate increase with new customers.
Email marketing campaigns drove more return traffic and ultimately increased direct sales by 21%.



increase in sales


increase in Facebook sales


increase in Instagram sales


increase in returning customers

Case Study Two

Local Essential oil company

The company was struggling to engage their customers through traditional advertising methods. After reviewing their strategy, we decided to focus on email marketing methods to focus on returning customers to drive more conversions.


We used customer data to segment the email list based on interests, preferences and past purchases. This enabled us to help them create highly personalized and relevant content for their customers.
The company sent out regular email campaigns that provided valuable information about the benefits of each essential oil, new product launches and promotions.



increase in open rates


increase in CTR rates


increase in conversion rates


increase in revenue per person

Case Study Three

Mortgage Broker Association

The association wanted to reach more of their target audience on social media using consistent and valuable content and engagement strategies.


We developed a social media plan that focused on creating relevant and engaging content, increasing online visibility and attracting potential new members. We engaged with their social media platforms to create relationships and build trust for the association. Their social media platforms were also optimized to provide more contact opportunities and guide current and potential members to the URLs that mattered most to them.



increase in accounts reached


increase in accounts engaged


increase in total followers

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