ABOUT Our Team

We are passionate about helping small businesses succeed in their digital marketing. We work one-on-one with each business to find the solutions that work for them and their audiences.

Rags to Reaches Digital Marketing is a different kind of marketing company – one that focuses on the customers individually instead of treating them like everyone else.

This passion evolved from copywriting and social media marketing into exploring all avenues of online advertising and email marketing going beyond the typical “targeting” of most packages. We focus on thinking outside the box to create unique sales funnel ideas, email automation, marketing campaigns and content creation. If you’re looking for something different with a personalized strategy, we can help! Our customer list is limited to allow the time and energy to fully invest in each customer so they can start to see results sooner.

Don’t accept a cookie-cutter plan if you don’t have to – get something designed specifically to reach your clients and engage them for better connection and more loyalty.

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Meet Our Team!

We think our team is the best – our clients think so too!

Sussan Hedayat

Project Manager

Tasia Valencia

Marketing Assistant

Kendra Website Image 2

Kendra Bodman

Content Creator

Mo Hedayat

Mo Hedayat

Video Producer

Our small business utilized the services of Rags to Reaches Marketing for around a year and the services provided far exceeded our expectations.
Personally I am not computer savvy when it comes to marketing as well the know hows of certain presentations on different media platforms, but I didn’t have to worry about a thing as my thoughts were created into actions from Rags to Reaches Marketing. I strongly recommend utilizing this service for any business big or small and especially small as there pricing is very reasonable.
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Fran D